What We Do

Simply put, we foster the creation of sustainable neighborhoods. Each Renaissance property has an impact that goes well beyond the individual building or site. Whether we re-energize a low-income community, or raise the bar in a higher-income area, a Renaissance property stands apart and becomes the yardstick against which others are measured. 

We specialize in creating luxury for reasonable prices, so that means we have to be creative from the first moment we say, “what if?” We identify needs—senior housing, workforce housing, supportive living, multi-family, commercial/industrial, retail and office—and work with our team of experts to produce apartment, single-family home, work place and commercial space developments that are aesthetically pleasing, fit well into their environments, and set the benchmark for further growth in the community.  

Our rich history includes

  • Section 42 affordable housing
  • condominium conversion
  • condo/townhouse new construction
  • property management
  • multi-state development
  • for-sale luxury homes
  • industrial management


We create our own developments, and we also provide turnkey services for those entities seeking development guidance. We inspire collaboration and promote individual creativity in the development process, and we bring together our team of experts in architecture and construction to strategize from the moment the spark of an idea hits us.

We work with municipalities, non-profit agencies and private entities to make things happen. 

Our name attached to a project means quality and professionalism. You won’t find anything like our product anywhere else.